updn Repedal

Expression pedal shaper for any guitar/bass/other effects that have an Expr
input jack.

how it works
. Plug your expression pedal into Repedal's input jack.
. Connect a Repedal output jack to an effect's EXPR input using a stereo cable.
. Route your instrument through the effect module as usual.
. Configure any desired slope shape or waveform on the Repedal.
. Pump away!

. Works with any module, no CV capability needed
    (Various IronEther modules tested, they work perfectly)
. One expression pedal input jack, for the controlling pedal
. Two independent expression output jacks, each can drive one effect
. Select any number of slopes per pedal motion
. Bend the slopes, from log thru linear to inverse log scales
. Invert slopes
. Various waveforms: sawtooth, staircase, random, ...
. Pump: continue forward in the waveform on the way back from toe to heel
. LFO: drive precision waveforms continuously, while adjusting the rate with:
  . Tap tempo: regularly hit a button / footswitch
  . Pump tempo: use the pedal like a tap button
  . Drive tempo: the pedal increases or decreases the rate (like driving a car)
. 3 save slots recall entire configurations
. Input range normalized automatically (can be disabled)
. Output range freely selectable between 0 Ω and 200 kΩ
  (expression pedals usually range from 0 Ω to 100 kΩ)

. 1st prototype in active use and working extremely well
. Production prototype in programming
  (above: an early picture of the bare PCB)

No price tag has been set yet. Nevertheless, taking preliminary orders now:
reserve your place on the list of first buyers, without obligation to buy.
Specifications are still subject to change, but probably only for the better.

technical details
The Repedal works with any expression driven effect modules. An expression
pedal has an adjustable resistor inside (called a potentiometer), which you
physically move with the pedal motion. The Repedal has no moving parts, but
mimics the behavior of a potentiometer with a specialized chip. A connected
effects module truly sees an actual resistance, as if it was a real expression
pedal. This chip can be adjusted digitally to change its position. The only
limitation is that it cannot handle voltages higher than the supply voltage. As
long as the Repedal is plugged into the same 9V power supply as your effects
modules, there will be no problem.

You can "easily" write your own programs for this versatile module or even
build your own from scratch. It runs an AVR microcontroller, which is
relatively easy to program. The device is not locked, an ISP connector is
available and ready to use. See about/open.

If there is anything else you would like to know, don't hesitate to ask!