At this moment, updn is basically just me, in close cooperation with two active
and marvellous musicians.

Who's me? I am Neels Hofmeyr, have a degree in electronic engineering and
computer science, and usually work as a FLOSS software developer. My personal
website is I am based in Berlin, Germany

I was fascinated with creating electronic music as well as programming from a
very young age. The following happened to me three times: I decided to write my
own software to make music, spent weeks writing the software, made two and a
half tracks with it, just to leave it and continue to hack on something else.
After the third time, when I had created an own computer language that allows
writing a track like a computer program, I finally realized that I enjoy making
the musical devices and programs even more than making the music itself. I do
play some instruments, but more in a jam session, purely recreational way. In
that sense, pairing up with truly focused musicians is a perfect match to my
otherwise design driven perspective -- and I enjoy the cooperation tremendously.
That unique moment when I first hear my newest device in serious action...

Right now, with this website, I would like to see if we can extend the
community around the updn modules past the core group of the two musicians and
me. I would love to be able to earn a few bucks by providing ready built
modules and my expertise in designing custom features. Otherwise I'd be
thrilled to watch and hear what people like you make of the updn designs!

Tell me about it when you do :)